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Let a Mentor or Portfolio of Mentors Propel You

497358697_nawboblogAs women, we often have the “Superwoman” complex where we feel like we can do everything on our own and be everything to everyone, since we do so much already. What we don’t realize is that we can be even better if we just ask for help from a trusted mentor—be it a fellow entrepreneur, a former boss or a friend at a similar company.

Studies show, however, that women have a more difficult time finding mentors than men. In fact, a LinkedIn study of more than 1,000 working women shows that 1 out of 5 have never had a mentor at work. But for women entrepreneurs—of all size companies and industries—having a mentor or even a portfolio of mentors with different areas of expertise is critical.

When choosing a mentor, you want someone you look up to, who inspires you and who can offer smart solutions and fresh perspective and hold you accountable when needed. You want someone who is experienced, maybe an expert in a particular field or on a certain business aspect. It’s also important that this person has the time to give and the interest in mentoring you to achieve your short- and long-term goals.

I know the value and rewards that come from being both a mentor and mentee, because I’ve been on both sides of this powerful relationship throughout my entrepreneurial life. That’s why the news I’m about to share is so exciting: NAWBO has partnered with MentorCloud to bring you a private online mentoring network dedicated to the growth and success of women entrepreneurs. We have already launched a test phase where a select group of NAWBO chapter leaders are helping to fine-tune the network. Later this year, NAWBO’s MentorCloud network will be rolled out to our entire membership as another exclusive benefit.

Once this happens, you will be able access the network, create a personalized profile and then connect with women entrepreneurs with similar backgrounds, areas of interest and values to have meaningful conversations and share knowledge. You may also be asked to mentor someone who can learn from your expertise. MentorCloud delivers fresh content, as well, including videos and blogs designed to inspire, educate and provoke thought.

Within your NAWBO community, there are some amazing, accomplished women business owners with knowledge and experience that can benefit you and your business. This new partnership will make connecting with these women easier. Learn more about the MentorCloud global mentoring network here. Then, look for details from NAWBO National about how you can get involved and benefit as well!

Billie Dragoo, NAWBO National Chair and Interim CEO



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